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The Language of perfection

Ultimate comfort in digital language distribution

  • Advanced digital technology for a superior listening experience
  • Secure infra-red distribution
  • No interference from lighting
  • User-friendly selection of up to 32 channels
  • Attractive, ergonomic receiver design
  • Seamless integration with Bosch’s DCN Conference systems

Understanding each other

The Integrus fully digital infrared language distribution system has been specifically designed for multilingual conferences and meetings to enable delegates to understand what is being said. Simultaneous interpretation of presentations and speeches in the delegate’s own language is transmitted to a pocket receiver and headphones. Because it is an infrared system, conference or meeting participants can move freely around the location whilst still able to follow proceedings.

The system is highly flexible and offers exceptional audio quality, making it ideal for conference centers and international organizations, no matter what the size of the event or venue. As a result, it has become the infra-red language distribution system of choice for event organizers.

The name Integrus is derived from the Latin ‘Integritas’, meaning ‘correctness in language’, ‘pure’, and ‘undistorted’. Calling on Bosch’s advanced technologies and unparalleled experience, Integrus ensures an exceptionally comfortable listening experience where language distribution is required.

Modern receiver design packed with great features

Attractive and ergonomic design

Integrus receivers boast a sleek, modern and ergonomic design. The receiver’s shape means it fits easily into a pocket and is comfortable to carry. The buttons are ergonomically positioned for easy use.

Integrus 4 channel pocket receiver
Integrus 4 channel pocket receiver

Easy channel selection

Integrus can provide a maximum of 32 audio channels (the floor and up to 31 languages), making it ideal to cover even the largest of international conferences. Only available channels are displayed on the receiver so users don’t waste time scrolling through empty channels to find their desired language. The system can also be configured for high-quality stereo sound with up to eight channels available for different applications, such as multimedia presentations and music distribution.

A flexible system with perfect reception

Superior audio quality

Bosch was the originator of fully digital conference systems and introduced the first-ever fully digital infrared language distribution system. Bosch’s Ir-Digital Technology is a digital protocol that conforms with and even exceeds IEC 61603, part 7, the industry standard for digital infrared transmission in the 2 to 6 MHz frequency band. As a result, Integrus offers superior sound quality with a signal/noise ratio of more than 80 dB. Thanks to Bosch’s Ir-Digital Technology, the sound comes out exactly as it goes in.

System integration

Audio quality is enhanced even further when Integrus is used with Bosch’s DCN Conference Systems (DCN Next Generation and DCN Wireless). As both systems integrate seamlessly, languages are automatically synchronized. Integrus also provides a perfect extension to Bosch’s CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System and the 6-channel interpreter desk for perfect reception at smaller meetings. This extremely flexible system can also be linked to any other brand of conference system.

The fully digital optical interface between Bosch’s DCN Conference Systems and Integrus guarantees the highest quality of sound, resulting in most comfortable listening experience.

Most comfortable conference experience

Make listening a pleasure

Providing an extraordinary sound experience, Integrus allows conference participants to listen to speeches in real comfort. This means they are less likely to tire and lose concentration over longer conference sessions. And because Integrus calls on infrared technology, delegates don’t need to be physically connected to the system and can enjoy freedom of movement during sessions.

Connecting headphones

A choice of headphones is available, all of which can be attached to the Integrus pocket receiver. The gold-plated connector that all Bosch headphones feature eliminates possible crackling. Whether using the lightweight headphones, the induction loop neckband or the lightweight neckband headphones, participants will enjoy an exceptional audio experience.

Integrus pocket receivers have been optimized for use with Bosch headphones, which ensure the best sound quality.

The induction loop neckband has been specially designed to be used with a hearing aid. That means anyone with a hearing impairment can fully comprehend what is being said.

Most convenient language distribution system

Language distribution… and more

Besides high-quality language distribution at conferences and meetings, Integrus is an ideal wireless multi-track audio solution for a broad range of applications, such as for cinemas, sports centers, exhibitions halls, museums, interpretation schools and more. Integrus can be permanently installed or quickly set-up and easily removed by rental companies for temporary events.

Room coupling

Integrus also allows distribution of interpretations to different rooms in a venue. By simply placing separate (slave) transmitters and radiators in other rooms, the exact same functionality can be enjoyed. With Integrus, conference organizers have real flexibility regarding room set-up.

Optimal battery performance

The pocket receivers electronically manage their own charging process to offer best possible charging performance and maximum battery life. The charging units, which can accommodate up to 56 receivers at one time, also ensure optimal charging performance. Rapid recharging means receivers are fully charged within just 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Guaranteed privacy

As the Integrus infrared radiation cannot pass through solid structures, such as walls and ceilings, conference integrity can be guaranteed, which is crucial when sensitive issues are being discussed. For conference venues with multiple rooms, no interference occurs between separate conferences or sessions.

Operating at a higher frequency band than lighting systems, Integrus suffers no interference. Even when used in direct sunlight, there is no impact on sound quality.

Conference delegates can enjoy complete freedom of movement while listening to interpretation in their chosen language.

From large international conferences

Freedom of movement

Large international conferences and meetings often involve a substantial public attendance and a variety of nationalities, all of whom need to understand what is being discussed in detail. This includes delegates as well as journalists and other members of the audience. The Integrus language distribution system provides everyone with the most comfortable audio experience to hear simultaneous interpretation of speeches in their own language. DCN conference units are placed on stage to capture presentations and speeches. The words are simultaneously translated by interpreters into a variety of languages that are then transmitted via Integrus transmitters and radiators to the pocket receivers on which participants have selected their desired language. With Integrus, members of the audience benefit from a less tiring and more enjoyable conference experience, even when attending longer events. And they can enjoy freedom of movement around even the biggest conference venues.

Integrus is the ideal system for use in conference centers and for international organizations, or whenever simultaneous interpretation is required.

... to smaller multilingual meetings

Complete understanding

Integrus also offers an air of prestige to smaller multilingual meetings that bring individuals of different nationalities around a table and where simultaneous interpretation is needed. In this sample illustration, Integrus is used with Bosch’s DCN Wireless Discussion System. Delegates can listen to simultaneous interpretation of the discussion via the built-in channel selector on their discussion units, and can add their own voice to the debate by using the system’s sleek microphones. Other members of the audience can listen to what is being said via Integrus pocket receivers and headphones. Additionally, technicians and venue owners will enjoy the flexibility of the wireless Integrus system, as no time-consuming set-up and break down is needed.

Integrus is the perfect extension to Bosch’s DCN Conference Systems and CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System for multilingual meetings in international organisations and businesses, ensuring perfect reception and a comfortable audio experience.

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