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Maximum Flexibility. Zero Interference

The wireless conference system for the mobile generation.

  • Standard Wi-Fi technology for co-existence with other Wi-Fi networks.
  • Smart wireless management to ensure interference-free wireless
  • Touch-screen Wireless Devices with built-in NFC reader for a superb
    meeting experience and future expandability.
  • True wireless connectivity for easy control and redundancy.
  • OMNEO-ready for future expansion with the DICENTIS Conference System.

Born from and for the mobile generation

With the need to use office space more efficiently, municipalities and corporations are looking for better ways to manage spaces such as meeting areas and multipurpose rooms. This calls for more flexible – as well as reliable – conference systems. At the same time, the range of mobile devices (phones, tablets, laptops) being brought into meetings and conferences is constantly on the increase, so interference between all these Wi-Fi networks in the conferencing environment must be avoided.

Maximum flexibility. Zero interference

The DICENTIS Wireless Conference System addresses these needs perfectly. This best-in-class solution is designed to be the most flexible
discussion system available using the DICENTIS Wireless Access Point (WAP) as control unit. With minimal time required for set-up, several
events can take place in sequence, leading to increased efficiency in planning meetings. To ensure the most enjoyable and efficient meeting, the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System co-exists with other networks. It is designed to avoid interference issues from other wireless networks in the area, such as mobile phones and wireless access points for Wi-Fi networks.

The DICENTIS Wireless Conference System makes it possible to enjoy interference-free conferencing anywhere people meet.

This new system is perfect for applications in multi-purpose rooms and historical buildings where a flexible wireless
solution offers significant advantages.

Dicentis Wireless System

Wireless Devices

Choice of wireless devices

Two different devices are available: the Wireless Device and the Wireless Device Extended, which has a 4.3-inch capacitive touch-screen for fast, intuitive use. A company logo can be uploaded to
customize the device; an appealing feature for organizations and rental companies. Another useful feature includes the possibility to identify
speakers. Moreover, these devices can be upgraded with additional software modules like voting, identification and dual use to further
expand their functionality.

Elegant design

The DICENTIS Wireless Conference System reflects Bosch’s many years of experience in designing state-of-the-art conferencing equipment. The aesthetic design of the Wireless Device Extended, recognized by the iF Design Award 2015, complements any interior, from traditional, centuries-old structures to new, ultra-modern, multi-purpose buildings. The system is built with high-end finishing materials,
giving it a modern yet trendy look.

WAP as control unit

The WAP can be placed almost anywhere – attached to a wall or ceiling, placed on a tripod or left free-standing. For basic system set-ups or for use as a wireless standalone system, the WAP functions as a controller, negating the need for an additional control unit. Individual wireless discussion devices can be added or rearranged simply by moving them. The WAP includes a built-in browser interface that enables true wireless connectivity and offers support for automatic control.

High-level security

All signals within the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System are encrypted with WPA2, a highly secure standard encryption method used by mobile devices to guarantee protection against tapping or eavesdropping. As the system uses standard Wi-Fi, it can follow the WPA2 standards as they evolve.

A subscription mode is available, to allow wireless devices to be added easily to the system. Even if the administrator or operator forgets to close the subscription process, the system features automatic subscription blocking. Bosch has gone to considerable lengths to make
sure that the information within this system remains secure and confidential.


Meeting continuity

Optionally, two WAPs can be set up to create wireless redundancy and maximize reliable communication. This ensures meeting continuity, because if one WAP fails the other takes over. Unique in the market is that this system does not require extra wiring between the WAPs.

Easy camera configuration

Support for automatic camera control of up to 6 Bosch HD Conference Dome cameras means there is no need for third-party software applications. Configuration of these cameras can be done via a built-in browser interface. If only one camera is used, no additional hardware is required.

Smooth configuration and control of system

 A built-in browser interface provides extended functionality and tablet control. True wireless connectivity enables direct connection to the WAP with any tablet or laptop and without the need for additional equipment, such as a router.

Convenience for all

Easy to install

The system can be up and running very quickly. An installation wizard guides the installer through first-time set-up quickly and easily, with only a WAP, a tablet or laptop, and the Wireless Devices needed. Once set up, other devices can be quickly and easily added to the system.

Easy to maintain

The Wireless Devices use smart battery management and lithium-ion batteries, which have virtually no charge degradation during their long life. A fully charged battery lasts for up to 24 hours, which is far longer than most meetings or conferences last. An administrator can keep track of the power consumption of all active discussion devices via the browser interface, and even see how often a battery pack has been used. Batteries are easy to remove and replace.

Easy to manage

The system is based on standard Wi-Fi according to the IEEE 802.11n standard, so is easy for IT staff to understand and manage. It operates in 2.4 and 5 GHz and is always visible in the wireless infrastructure. Other Wi-Fi access points will recognize the DICENTIS WAP and
can avoid using the same channel, preventing the traditional “battle for bandwidth”.

Easy to use

No special training is required. The chairperson can manage the entire conference on the browser interface of his or her mobile device (tablet or laptop). This includes managing speaking rights and voting.

The 4.3-inch touch-screen gives participants clear, distraction-free guidance on its operation. This user interface supports the original
languages of the participants and displays all standard international characters. In the browser interface of the DICENTIS WAP, devices can be given a seat name and a list of participants can be defined. For Wireless Device Extended this includes the use of a Near Field Communication (NFC) card for identification of the places around
the conference table.

Smart battery management

A fully charged battery lasts for up to 24 hours. The battery status is indicated by the LEDs on the battery pack.

A delightful conference experience

Acoustic excellence

The well-renowned audio experience offered by Bosch conferencing systems is again made evident in the DICENTIS Wireless Conferencing
System. Several technologies contribute to this, starting with advanced audio processing.
This enables the microphone and loudspeaker to be active at the same time, resulting in a face-to-face meeting experience. The system also makes use of built-in and intelligent Acoustic Feedback Suppression, a Bosch invention that automatically adapts itself to the environment and maximizes speech intelligibility when higher volumes are required.

Another advance is high-directive microphone technology, developed entirely by Bosch. This allows ultra-clear speech without the speaker
having to pay attention to the location of the microphone, enhancing the listening pleasure for all participants.
And finally, Packet Loss Concealment allows the system to automatically predict what a damaged or lost packet should be and then fills the gap, resulting in continuous audio without losses. This is a unique capability that no other competitive product offers.

Perfect for multi-purpose rooms

Conference centers and multi-purpose rooms frequently hold different events, each with different set-ups and configurations. Due to its high degree of flexibility and ease of installation, the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System is perfect for these kinds of applications. It’s easy to set up, remove after use, and rearrange in another room. This ensures that rooms and equipment can be used in the most profitable and efficient way.

Ideal for historical buildings

The DICENTIS Wireless Conference System can be installed, rearranged and operated with virtually no impact on the integrity of a historical building. No cables have to be laid or holes drilled. This avoids concerns about damaging the building or ruining the aesthetics of a historically significant venue.

The system that grows with your needs


An investment in the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System is an investment in the future. Scalable and expandable system design,
combined with enhancement possibilities through adding functionalities via software modules, make it a truly future-proof system that can grow with your needs. Future expansion with additional features like voting and language distribution is possible without changing the device, simply by adding the relevant software modules.


The DICENTIS Wireless Conference System is ready for the unique IP-based OMNEO media

networking architecture developed by Bosch. With a future software upgrade, the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System can be added to the DICENTIS Conference System to enable a mix of Wired and Wireless Devices, as well as to other OMNEO devices. Dante-based OMNEO is focused on the professional audio world. It has two key
components that enable both the transport of low latency, high-quality audio and the provision of a robust control protocol. More and more
professional audio devices by Bosch will be built around this new audio and control standard to allow high-quality digital audio to be routed
anywhere in a synchronized way.

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