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The market for conference solutions has changed rapidly in recent years, with a trend away from standalone systems towards fully integrated solutions. In these integrated solutions, information such as audio, video, social media and meeting data is shared over standardized infrastructure and interfaces. This in turn has created higher demands on flexibility in system design and the ability for remote interaction. These trends highlight the need to maximize meeting efficiency and increase ease of integration with third parties. Bosch is committed to deliver the most innovative conference platform to fulfill current and future market needs. This is why Bosch introduced its IP-based product family DICENTIS. DICENTIS is a revolutionary platform for the integrated conference world of tomorrow.

The system that grows with your needs..

  • Open platform based on the OMNEO media networking architecture
    for system flexibility and cost-effective installation and maintenance
  • Easy integration with supporting systems to provide features such
    as automatic camera control
  • License-based expandability for a future-proof system that can easily
    take on new functionality
  • Optimized user experience to maximize meeting efficiency
  • Simultaneous interpretation of up to 100 languages
  • Cable and power supply redundancy to ensure meetings are held
    without system interruption


Future-proof via system flexibility

No matter how your organization changes, your DICENTIS Conference System will adapt to answer your evolving needs. That’s because DICENTIS is built on open standards that make the integration of several technologies possible, even third party solutions.

For example:

  • Ethernet and IP are used so existing infrastructures can be reused
  • OMNEO is used so DICENTIS can connect to other audio and control equipment
  • Android™ in the DICENTIS Multimedia device enables the use of custom Android™ applications

Cost effective

At its heart, the DICENTIS Conference System makes use of the unique IP-based OMNEO media networking architecture, developed by Bosch, and operates over fully standardized Ethernet networks. This ensures flexibility and cost-effective installation and maintenance. It also makes DICENTIS ideal for re-using existing infrastructure. Conference devices can be connected with a looped daisy chain configuration using Bosch powering switches and Bosch system network cables. This provides a time-saving, flexible solution. Alternatively, CAT5e (or better) cables and standard Power over Ethernet (POE) switches enable star configurations.

What is OMNEO?

OMNEO is an architectural approach to connecting devices that need to exchange information such as audio content or device control. Built upon multiple technologies, including IP and open public standards, OMNEO supports the technologies of today – such as Audinate’s DanteTM – while adopting the standards of tomorrow. OMNEO offers a professional grade media networking solution that provides interoperability, unique features
for easier installation, better performance, and greater scalability than any other IP offering on the market.

Configured to your needs

Each organization that uses a conference system has its own unique set of requirements, that’s why the DICENTIS Conference System offers a wide choice of functions. Take a look at the table below to see what kind of system solution you could take advantage of.

The system that always delivers

Highly reliable and secure

Inherent cable and power supply redundancy built into the DICENTIS Conference System, ensures no data is lost in the rare event of system failure. In addition, all audio and control data running through the system is securely encrypted by proven industry technologies, satisfying the most stringent and internationally recognized standards. This protects data against tampering and unauthorized access –
extremely important in highly-secure or sensitive meeting situations.

Latest functionality – always

With regular software updates, the DICENTIS Conference System easily expands to incorporate newly-developed functionality – without the need for expensive hardware replacements. This includes the licensed system and seat software but also additional system features via third-party AndroidTM apps. Bosch offers a Software maintenance agreement (SMA) to help customers maintain their system. This service keeps the entire DICENTIS Conference System operating seamlessly across the platform and servers. It includes software and compatibility plugins for the system as well as a variety of Internet based applications.

Automatic camera control

The DICENTIS system supports ONVIF-compliant IP cameras, simplifying the integration of automatic camera control. ONVIF is the market’s leading, global standard for networked video, and it ensures that conference participants always see the person speaking on the hall display. In addition, DICENTIS also supports Sony and Panasonic cameras with CGI protocols.

Environmentally friendly

DICENTIS is designed to have minimal impact on the environment. For this reason, the system can be switched to stand-by mode. This patent-pending feature allows the chairperson to power off all the participant devices at once, significantly reducing power consumption and saving energy between meetings and during breaks.

The new standard in conferencing that does it all: discussion management, language selection, voting, multimedia function, live video feed, dual use, internet access, document viewing, third party apps and more.

Unique conference devices with industry-leading features

Focus on the discussion at hand

  • High directive microphone and intellignet Acoustic Feedback Suppression ensure crystal speech reproduction
  • Loudspeaker and microphone can be active simultaneously to provide provide excellent speech intelligibilty
  • Optimal ergonomic design
  • Advanced discussion functionalities, such as the “Possible to speak” indicator, to immediately engage in the discussion when the function is available.


Clear, natural sound

All DICENTIS conference devices use intelligent Acoustic Feedback Suppression which is unique to Bosch, maximizing intelligibility when higher volume levels are required. This technology helps to avoid echoes and howling, resulting in clear speech intelligibility. In addition, the microphone and loudspeaker are active at the same time, providing a natural sound. At all times, the participants and chairperson can listen to the meeting comfortably and focus on the discussion at hand.

Pluggable microphone

Three pluggable microphones can be used with any DICENTIS conference device: Long Stem, Short Stem and the High directive microphones. The High directive microphone employs high directive Bosch technology, allowing for crystal-clear reproduction of the spoken word, while the discrete design helps the speaker to convey their message in a natural way. For acoustically challenging locations, or for when people want to speak standing upright from a rostrum, the uni-directional Microphone with long or short stem is the best solution.

Encouraging clarity

Design plays a key role in how people interact and it is central to creating an environment that encourages constructive dialogue. That’s why Bosch has committed substantial resources to the research and development of the physical design of the DICENTIS conference devices. The result? Superior ergonomics, excellent ease of use, and a stylish yet unobtrusive appearance.

Keeping the meeting on track

The DICENTIS system is designed to optimize meeting structure and efficiency. Basic discussion settings can be defined for whichever DICENTIS conference device is being used. The meeting can be managed by an operator or chairperson, who can open or close a meeting, open voting rounds and decide which participant can speak and how many people can speak at the same time. The chairperson can also use the priority button to override all participant microphones whenever necessary.

Any conference device can be configured by the software as either a participant or chairperson device, this minimizes the amount of necessary hardware and maximizes cost-efficiency.

DICENTIS Multimedia Device

Inform. Impress. Inspire.

  • User-friendly 7-inch high capacitive touchscreen to enhance the conference
  • State-of-the-art award winning design
  • Integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) Card Reader for quick participant
    identification and voting – participants can even use an existing registration card
  • Two-way speaker system that offers outstanding intelligibility and sound quality
  • Live video of the participant speaking can be followed on the device screens
  • Internet access and document browsing to ensure that shared information is
    always up-to-date and that last minute corrections can be made on the spot

Inspiring interaction

The DICENTIS Multimedia device’s intuitive graphic user interface and easy to operate
touchscreen enhances participant interaction and user comfort. Participants can follow the discussion in their own language, when simultaneous interpretation is provided. The touchscreen multimedia device integrates audio, video, meeting data, internet access and a highly convenient electronic voting facility. All this enables participants to contribute more efficiently in meetings by having access to related information or the internet on their individual touchscreens, while the chairperson remains in full control.

Award winning design

The stylish internet-enabled DICENTIS Multimedia device is elegant, ergonomic and complements any interior. The multimedia device has already won several prestigious awards, including a Red Dot design award in 2014 and the German design award in 2015.

See every expression

The DICENTIS system supports automatic camera control and makes use of Bosch HD Conference cameras for high-resolution images, enabling participants to see the face of the speaker on their own screen.

Attractive Interface

DICENTIS Multimedia devices make use of the familiar Android™ operating system to provide an attractive and engaging interface. It also allows the use of custom-made or third-party apps to further increase meeting efficiency and for example the integration of room control.

Hear every word, every syllable

Extraordinary sound quality and intelligibility emits from the DICENTIS Multimedia device. Whether the source material is music or the spoken word. The special acoustic design with integrated two-way speaker systems reproduces the audio spectrum precisely. Bosch-engineered technologies further contribute to a more natural
sound. Advanced equalization optimizes the acoustics throughout the room, while intelligent Acoustic Feedback Suppression technology from Bosch maximizes intelligibility when higher volume levels are required.

Who’s who

A name card holder with magnetic attachments on the rear of the device makes it easy for delegates to identify who is talking. A very practical option if the delegates did not get acquainted before the meeting.

DICENTIS Discussion Device with touchscreen

  • 4.3 inch touchscreen shows the participant list, voting buttons and language
    selection, for increased meeting efficiency
  • Integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) Card Reader for quick participant identification and voting – participants can even use an existing registration card
  • Dual use minimizes the amount of necessary equipment – this saves costs and maximizes the space on the conference table
Dicentis Discussion Device with touchscreen

The DICENTIS Discussion device with touchscreen offers an intuitive and clear conference experience, whether a device is being used by one or two participants.

Speaking is only half of it

With its 4.3 inch capacitive touchscreen, the DICENTIS Discussion device with touchscreen guides participants and increases meeting efficiency. It achieves this by enabling the participants to see who is talking and who is in the queue. It can show a customer logo and enables the participant to follow the proceedings in their own language. It also provides access to the voting information.

Two languages simultaneouly

Two participants can use one DICENTIS Discussion device with touchscreen, which offers discussion management, identification, voting and language selection to both individuals. Importantly, each of the two delegates can listen to the proceedings in their own language via headphones. They sign on with an NFC card, and select their own language channel in the native characters.

DICENTIS Discussion Device with Channel Selector

  • Different languages are presented on the screen in native characters so that the
    delegate can easily find and select his language and focus on the meeting.
  • Integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) Card Reader for quick participant
    identification – participants can even use an existing registration card
  • Dual use minimizes the amount of necessary equipment – this saves costs and maximizes the space on the conference table

Quick and simple language selection

When interpretation of the meeting is provided, the delegate simply plugs in the headset and selects the preferred language before the conference starts. The language selection is very straightforward since it is shown only when needed. It is also provided in native characters so that the delegates can quickly find their language and do not miss out on the beginning of the conference. They can focus on the discussion at hand right from the start.


The DICENTIS Discussion device with language selector allows for dual identification and dual discussion, with one shared language selection.


DICENTIS Discussion Device with Voting

  • Colored voting touch buttons light up on each device only when the functionality
    is required, enabling the participants to vote easily and quickly
  • Integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) Card Reader for quick participant
    identification and voting – participants can even use an existing registration card
  • Secret voting is supported, guaranteeing non-influenced voting results

At the press of a button

Delegates vote by pressing one of the illuminated colored buttons on their device. Importantly, these buttons only appear when the voting is opened by the chairperson, this ensures that they do not distract the delegates during discussion.

Secret voting

The DICENTIS Discussion device with voting enables “Secret Voting”. In this setting, the voting LEDs will be rendered invisible the instant the delegate has cast their vote. This helps to ensure that participants cannot be influenced by the vote of a neighboring delegate.


DICENTIS Discussion Device

  • Facilitates basic conferencing with the “Possible to speak” indication
    to deliver the most straightforward use for all participants

The DICENTIS Discussion device enables participants to discuss, register a request-to-speak and listen to those speaking during the meeting. Like all DICENTIS conference devices this discussion device also provides the “Possible to speak” function. When this is indicated, the participant can start talking as soon as they press the button. This device also supports dual use by means of a software license, to provide a cost efficient and flexible conference solution. In this way you can achieve a perfectly adequate setup with only half the devices.

DICENTIS Interpreter Desk

Speaking your language

  • Intuitive operation based on logically divided language input and output sections, the use of personal presets and assignable buttons
  • Tactile buttons and knobs enable operation without even looking at the interpreter desk, while the optional audible feedback guarantees easy operation for the visually impaired
  • Accommodating future needs with up to 100 interpreted languages available
  • Compliant to latest simultaneous interpreting standard ISO-20109
  • Flexible configuration making it possible to increase the participant capacity by passive room coupling

Speaking the language of the interpreter, that’s what it is all about. By observing and interviewing expert interpreters and technicians worldwide, the design of the desk is optimized for the real-life needs of interpreters. The result? An interpreter desk that complies with the latest as well as future market requirements and that provides the interpreter maximum freedom to focus on the job. The installation and configuration of the system is quick and easy. The interpreter desk and the interpreting system settings can be configured using the interpreter desk itself. The configuration can be further optimized using the PC application.

Intuitive operation

The passive high-contrast screen of the DICENTIS Interpreter desk logically divides the sections for input and output languages in two vertical columns for quick understanding and intuitive operation. Personal presets can be recalled by the interpreter’s NFC card. During the entire interpreting process, only relevant information is displayed and unused features can be hidden. A simplified DICENTIS
Interpreter desk interface, showing only the used functions, can be configured for less experienced users.


Easy installation and third party integration

The DICENTIS Conference System is a networked solution using state-of-the art IP technology, this means multiple video feeds can be distributed to the interpreters without extra cabling for video. When interpreters are not close to the speaker, showing the facial expression of the speaker on one screen and at the same time displaying the meeting presentation on 2nd screen, can help them to provide a more accurate interpretation. A third party external screen can be connected to the HDMI video output on the DICENTIS Interpreter desk. The use of OMNEO IP Technology means that existing network infrastructure and third party solutions (such as DanteTM audio) can be used.

Future proof

Using IP also means that the system can be expanded to support up to 100 interpreted languages. The DICENTIS Interpreter desk also complies with ISO-20109, enforcing high quality and uniformity for interpreting equipment so interpreters know what to expect.

Flexible configuration

Today, international convention centers need more flexibility. The number of participants differ for each hosted event. Sometimes, more capacity is needed and meeting room accommodations need to be increased. That’s why the DICENTIS Conference system can easily be configured and reconfigured to increase the number of participants who can listen to the proceedings with passive-room coupling. Quite simply, the DICENTIS Conference system suits everyone’s needs at all times.

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