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Bosch DCN Next Generation

Dialogue without limits...

Designed to be distinctive

The Digital Congress Network (DCN) Next Generation from Bosch is the distinctive new face of digital conference management.

Whatever your conference requirements, the Bosch DCN Next Generation can meet them. By bringing aesthetic appeal, reliability, fl exibility and control into the proceedings. It helps you take the next step in conference system management. To create the right balance between ergonomic effi ciency and aesthetic appeal, our designers consulted delegates, interpreters and operators, and responded to their recommendations. The result is optimum satisfaction for everyone in the congress chain.With the Bosch DCN Next Generation, you can relax. Your meeting is in good hands

Innovation in digital conference management

The Bosch DCN has already earned global recognition for its versatility, and DCN Next Generation continues the tradition. It is ideal for applications ranging from discussion groups up to multi-lingual conferences with thousands. On its most straight forward level, it handles speaking and listening without an operator; at its most advanced, it becomes an integrated communication infrastructure for facilitating and managing even the most complex international conferences. With Bosch DCN Next Generation, you benefi t from years of expertise in conference systems. You have the reassurance of a reliable, established partner. And you can count on a support network that spans the globe.When you think conferencing, think Bosch.

  • State-of-the-art design
  • Powerful software suite through exceptional ergonomics
  • Immune to mobile phones
  • Incredible speech intelligibility (up to 20 kHz)
  • High-speed, loss-free optical fiber backbone
  • Step-by-step setup and touch screen control
  • Full graphic display via projectors or screen displays
  • Automatic camera control
  • 31 interpretation languages, plus floor
  • Full range of voting facilities
  • Attendance registration with ID card

Advanced and attractive

Flexible system design

The DCN Next Generation System is designed to be extraordinarily fl exible. Your system can be as small or large as required, with extra units simply plugged into existing ones in a “loop-through” confi guration. The system can accommodate up to 4000 microphone posi tions when more Central Control Units (CCU’s) are stacked. There is also an extremely high level of compatibility with external systems.

Aesthetic design

Design plays a key role in how people interact with each other; it is important to create an environment that encourages constructive dialog. The DCN Next Generation offers a perfect mix of sophisticated looks and opti mized performance. The layout of the sleek control panel has an instantly familiar feel. And the application of advanced acoustical and display technology makes it easy to hear – and read – exactly what’s going on. All of this puts users at ease, and in control. Which is good news for your business.

DCN Next Generation system

The DCN Next Generation puts you in total control of your conference environment – whether it’s a small permanent system or a large configuration that needs to be regularly modified or expanded to cater for varying requirements. It’s based around a central control unit that operates with or without application software. Modules and components can be combined with total flexibility to form a complete, tailor-made system.

Operational simplicity and acoustical performance

Concentus table top units

All delegate and chairman units feature the innovative fl atpanel loudspeaker that improves acoustic performance (up to 20 kHz) and reduces feedback, resulting in outstanding speech intelligibility. Certain models also offer language channel selectors, ID card readers and a backlit graphical LCD screen that displays all standard Windows characters – including complex European languages and icon-based scripts like Chinese and Japanese.

New flexibility that takes your conference to the top of its class

Flush-mount solutions

DCN Next Generation fl ush-mount units incorporate the same functionality (except for the LCD screen) and performance benefits as the DCN Concentus consoles, while enabling tailor-made fixed installations to be built into tables and arm rests. Stylish and easy to work with, the fl ush-mount units are simply combined in a strip and fi nished with matching end caps.

DCN Discussion System

Bosch DCN systems are renowned for enabling people to communicate effortlessly even in the largest, most complex international venues. The DCN Discussion Unit brings the same high-powered support to smaller venues like local councils, where communication is no less critical or demanding.

High-powered support for smaller venues

Attractive and adaptable design

The DCN Discussion Unit can be changed easily from a delegate’s unit into a chairman’s unit, which means that chairpersons are free to sit where they like. Two delegates can use each microphone, enjoying high sound quality and an individual interpretation channel for each delegate. The unit also enables full-scale electronic voting. The DCN Discussion Units work equally well as a desktop unit or built in. The units are available in light- and dark-base versions, with a variety of rims, so they fi t well with any interior.

Perfect sound quality

Each unit has two headphone connections, so both delegates can hear the speaker equally well. Units are also immune to mobile phones. Which implies delegates can keep their mobile phones switched on during the meeting, without any audio disturbances on the DCN conference system. With the DCN Discussion Unit, users can always count on clear sound at the right volume.

  • Delegate and chairman unit in one
  • Individual channels for two people at once
  • Ergonomic design for easy, intuitive use
  • Electronic voting
  • For large numbers of participants with up to 31 interpreting languages
  • Fixed or detachable microphone

Breaking down language barriers

HiFi quality interpretation channels With up to 32 language channels, the DCN Next Generation easily handles the most demanding requirements of the international conference world. Delegates may choose the floor language or any of 31 interpretations, all delivered with true HiFi sound quality.

The ergonomically designed interpreter desk is a powerful, intuitive tool for interpreters. Suitable either as a tabletop unit or flush-mounted into a desk. It was designed after exhaustive research on how to make the interpreter’s task easier and less tiring. It is especially useful for blind users, through the logical positioning of buttons and the possibility of audible feedback. Greater interpreter satisfaction leads to higher quality, enhancing the reputation of your venue.

The desk is simply plugged into the system cabling (where it is automatically recognized), powered up, and is ready for use. This means you can easily vary the number of interpreted languages
required in each room of a multi-room venue on a daily basis. Additional interpreter desks are simply added to supply extra language capacity.

Bosch DCN-Idesk

The language of perfection

Distribution of 32 channels
An important aspect to multi-lingual conferencing is the language distribution system. DCN Next Generation delegate positions can easily be equipped with wired, flush-mounted channel selector panels. This allows the selection of any interpretations or the floor language.

For wireless convenience, Bosch also offers the Integrus, a digital infrared language distribution system that is immune to interference from lighting systems and bright sunlight. It produces crystal-clear sound due a very high signal-to-noise ratio plus built-in error correction.

Interpreted languages are distributed to the pocket-sized receivers via infrared, giving conference delegates complete freedom of movement while listening to the chosen language interpretation on headphones. In addition, infrared transmission increases privacy, as signals do not pass through walls or ceilings.

Bosch Integrus System

Software control for extended capability

Powerful new software suite!

The Bosch DCN Conference Software Suite now provides customers with even more control and customization possibilities. Beginning with the configuration application, the operator can easily set up all the requirements and necessary authorizations for each meeting: the synoptic layout, the delegates, the agenda, lists of speakers and any voting sessions. With a wide variety of data-output options and access control for almost all functions, this suite is adaptive to almost any situation.

The Central Control Unit (CCU) control delegate units, chairman units and interpreter desks via DCN cabling and communicates with peripheral equipment via loss-free high-speed fiber-optic cable.

DCN Central Control Unit (CCU)

The entire suite is remarkably ergonomic and the operator application is optimized for touch screen, making managing the system in real-time as intuitive as possible. Contextual help files provide instant support and the software design even takes color impaired users into consideration.

Extended voting and registration funtionality

Versatile voting

The DCN Next Generation incorporates standard parliamentary-style voting facilities. Using dedicated application software, the possibilities can be extended to include audience response, multiple choice and rating voting. Scripts are prepared in advance, allowing results to be instantly displayed on a video monitor or dedicated text display in the conference venue. The chairman or operator always has full control over starting, stopping and suspended voting.

Delegate registration and identification

Conference participants can register their presence by inserting an ID card into a card reader that is flush-mounted, integrated into the Concentus unit, or located at the conference venue entrance. A push button on delegate units allows simple registration (without identification). It is also possible to specify that delegates may only make use of certain microphone or control functions if they possess an appropriate ID card or have entered an authorized PIN code.

Audio and video expansion

Audio expansion

Audio logging, remote interpretation, transporting or distributing audio from one room to another room is possible over relatively long distances without loss via fiber optic cabling, by using audio expanders (analogue or digital) which are part of DCN Next Generation. There is a growing desire to build audio systems where signal processing and amplification components are distributed throughout a facility. Therefore DCN Next Generation interfaces easily with CobraNet™, which is the industry’s leading technology for distributing uncompressed real-time digital audio over a Fast Ethernet network.

Camera control – an extra dimension in conference systems

A visual dimension not only generates interest and focuses attention, but also informs participants and observers (such as the press) who is speaking. The DCN Next Generation can automatically show an image of the current speaker on monitors or projection screens in the main hall, lobby, interpreters booths, breakout rooms or anywhere else required.
The speaker’s name and additional information can also appear on screen. Camera control is automatic, so no constant operator attention is required. Bosch AutoDome® cameras are ideal for this application.

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