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Audio, video and evidence

Through VIQ Software, Digital Voice Processing provides a complete, integrated digital audio, video and evidence capture and management workflow for the courts.

The simple yet sophisticated software uses powerful database technology to take multi-channel digital court recording to the next level. Advanced features like indexed multimedia attachments, powerful search capabilities, integration with case management systems, multi-room monitoring and control, automated fixed/cloud centralised storage, and unmatched security let you control the capture, workflow and collaboration of your court’s digital AV record.

VIQ Software is compatible with a wide range of video and audio capture hardware to give you the most flexibility. We provide the solution that’s right for you, from a single camera and microphone to a country-wide installation of hundreds of courtrooms.

More ways to capture....


If your court is on the move,VIQ Satellite offers simple, portable recording from your laptop or tablet that can be integrated with the backend infrastructure upon connection.

Fixed Room

VIQ Satellite offers multi channel synchronised audio and video capture and sophisticated playback and reporting functions.

Multi room

Larger courts and remotely monitor and control recording in multiple courtrooms simultaneously.

With all these great features, it’s important to remember that the VIQ Solution lets you start simple. You can start with a single courtroom and grow from there as your needs grow.

VIQ software provides a complete, integrated digital audio, video and evidence capture and management solution for the courts.

VIQ court recording software offers:

  • Multi-channel digital audio and video capture
  • Optional integration with Case Management systems
  • Scheduled, automated recording
  • Sealed cases and password-protected “off the record” segments
  • Indexed notes and multimedia annotations, including private notes for judges
  • Customizable hotkey controls
  • Complete transcription workflow
  • Secure, searchable database
  • Flexible audio and video hardware options
  • Industry-leading security protocols and encryption
  • Automated synchronization across multiple network tiers for sharing and redundancy
  • Multi-room monitoring and recording control for larger courts

With VIQ you can:

  • Attach other digital files: Pictures, scanned  documents, reports, and other evidence instantly becomes an indexed part of the record.
  • Integrate with your case management system: Copy data from your case management system for one-click customised recording.
  • Transcribe your cases: Authorised local and remote transcriptionists can access any file near-real time.
  • Secure your recordings: Robust security, user access controls and logging of all system activity protects your recordings and helps keep them tamper free.
  • Customise your system: VIQ’s extensive software profiles not only support multiple languages but also customer specific nomenclature across all software.


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