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Grundig Digta 7 - Simply professional dictation

The sturdy device comes with a one-of-a-kind slide switch offering Touch Pin function. This way you can dictate with your eyes closed, you’ll automatically feel the stop position. Plus, the slide switch can be configured to meet your dictation style – making it especially practical for those new to Grundig dictation machines. The display is large and shows all information very clear. Optimum audio quality in the DSSPro recording format (ideally suitable for spech recognition as well), effective workflow functions and highest security standards are a matter of course.

  • Easy Mode for especially easy operation
  • Slide switch offering individual configuration of the function sequence
  • 2 GB on-board memory for almost 300 hours of recording time, extendable with external DigtaCard
  • Best sound quality thanks to DSSPro, ideally suitable for speech recognition
  • Display: high contrast, transflective, easy-to-read screen design
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery/batteries
  • Effective DSS workflow by means of key word allocation
  • Pluggable barcode reader
  • PIN/PUK protection, UUID, encryption of dictations
  • Accessories: Digta Station 447
  • DSSMover for automatic dictation transfer
  • Digta Configurator for comfortable configuration of your dictation device

With “Easy Mode” the functions on the display have been honed down to the essentials. Especially users who are familiar with analogue dictation devices, appreciate this function and the operating comfort.

The Digta 7 was optimized for mobile use. It is particularly sturdy and the handy softtouch coating makes for a comfortable grip. Its high-performance lithium-ion battery allows recording of over 20 hours of material. Alternatively the Digta 7 can also be operated with standard batteries. In case you leave the device unattended, the dictations are protected with a PIN code from access by unauthorized individuals.

The display is tailored to your requirements – if you prefer left handed use, it rotates thanks to the motion sensor.

Two microphones make for a particular clear sound quality. Thanks to the stereo sound (WAV/MP3 recordings) you are also best equipped for conferences and interview recordings

It allows you to dictate with your eyes closed, you’ll only feel the touch pin in the stop position. You will know whether the Digta 7 is in record or record pause mode without even looking. Moreover you can confi gure the Digta 7 according to your dictation style. The slide switch offers four different operation modes, the lateral buttons are freely programmable.

With the transfl ective, backlit grayscale LCD display you will always have a clear overview, even with direct sun light, the contrast is automatically adjusted to the surrounding light.

The Digta Station 447 docking station allows you to transfer your dictation quickly and easily to your PC and charges the accumulator at the same time. Also available as product variant Digta Station 447 Plus. A second rechargeable battery can be put on charge separately in the docking station. A foot switch connection allows handsfree dictations, and with a headphone the docking station together with the Digta 7 becomes a fully-equipped transcription station.

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