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Introducing the new Superscope PMR61

Introducing the new, next generation and possibly the smartest Digital Audio recorder, the Superscope PMR61. Designed with simplicity in mind, the PMR61 is suitable for meetings, interviews or conferences. With it’s simple, uncluttered and non-technical design, the PMR61 aims to take focus away from operating and managing the recordings and let’s you focus on the matters of the meeting.

The Superscope PMR61 has a simple top panel consisting of only 4 buttons, reducing the opportunity for user operational error. The PMR offers a touch screen interface for easy control and configuration of the unit.
Boasting many other features, the PMR61 is a perfect recording unit for anyone looking for simple, easy to operate and reliable audio recording solutions for onsite or portable recording, in any situation.

For more information please visit our Superscope PMR61 product page.

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