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Bosch CCS1000D Digital Discussion System

Bosch CCS1000D Digital Discussion System

Bosch CCS1000D - Compact Yet Versatile

Designed for plug-and-play, ease-of-use and highly productive meetings..

The Bosch CCS1000D Digital Discussion System offers excellent speech intelligibility with built-in Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression, built-in audio recording on internal memory and/or USB memory stick, on-board support for automatic HD camera control, advanced configuration and control via built-in web browser, “Energy saving mode” for automatic switch-off after 2 hours of inactivity and up to 245 Discussion device connection.

Ideal for small to large meeting areas such as town halls, local business centers and courtrooms. It’s highly versatile feature set means that chairpersons enjoy the effortless meeting control, and participants enjoy free-flowing, highly productive meetings.

The chairperson can guide the discussion, allowing individual delegates to speak or letting several delegates take the microphone simultaneously.

More advanced control can be achieved through the use of a laptop or pc connected to the control unit’s built-in web browser on the network, allowing the chairperson the ability to manage discussions remotely, activating and deactivating participant microphones and shifting  participants from the waiting list to the speaker list.

Thanks to the systems on-board support for automatic camera control, live video of active speakers can be shown on a big screen, HD cameras to be connected to the system with needing additional software.

Additionally, audio from the meeting can be recorded conveniently with the built-in mp3 recorder for archiving later.

The all-in-one discussion solution

The Bosch CCS1000D digital discussion solution is made up of multiple discussion devices allowing participants to speak and listen to proceedings.

The control unit which allows for the control and connectivity of all the discussion units, as well as camera control and mp3 recording.

An optional expansion unit is also available allowing for large meeting requirements of up to 245 delegates.

For more information on the Bosch CCS1000D Digital Discussion System, please feel free to contact us.

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